Comparison of the 3 Ultimate HCG Diet Products

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Here at vHCG Diet we are interested in two things mainly. For one, we wish to raise the awareness that there are still HCG products out there that are perfectly legal to buy. Strictly speaking, they are not HCG supplements as they have no HCG in them. Still, they work in the exact same way, thanks to some advancements in natural medicine and the new developments in amino acids supplementation. Our second goal is to review various products and to let you know what we think. Today, we decided to compare the three products that we found to be superior to all other products and three products that would hold their own even against the most popular old HCG supplements.

hcg-triumph-1The first of these is HCG Triumph and we have to say that we were totally blown away by this product. It was one of the first that we reviewed and the person who did the review had nothing but great things to say about it. The customer service was exquisite and the product was shipped in record time. It was also easy to use and the meal plan that came along with it was one of the crucial aspects of the whole program. The program lasted for a month as expected and our reviewer lost more than 25 pounds in that time. She says that she had the usual problems with the diet but that the meals and the recommendations helped a lot.

hcg-ultra-2Our other reviewer was doing a review of HCG Ultra Diet Drops and he told us later that he never felt that he would falter, not once. Sure, he felt hungry at times, but he did everything that was recommended and he knew a few tricks that helped him stay true to the program. He was looking to lose about 12 pounds so he went for the easiest program. Still, he lost more than 15 pounds and he says that it was perhaps the easiest 15 pounds that anyone ever lost.

better-than-hcg-2The third reviewer here from vHCG Diet was using Better Than HCG for a month and she achieved incredible results. Her goal was 17 pounds and she lost 21. She even stopped measuring her weight after she hit her target weight and she was more than surprised when she realized that Better Than HCG helped her lose 4 pounds beyond her target. She was particularly satisfied with the meals that she found delicious and she says that she could easily go another round. The only thing is that she does not need it.

All in all, we were more than satisfied with these three products and the others that we tried but will not name, have disappointed us, especially when compared to these three.

HCG TRIUMPH “… I could not believe the scales come the last day…” 9.95/10 10/10 10/10 WINNER
HCG ULTRA DIET DROPS “… the easiest 15 pounds I ever lost…” 9.80/10 9.95/10 10/10 CLOSE SECOND
BETTER THAN HCG “I surpassed my goal and I enjoyed every single meal…” 9.75/10 9.90/10 10/10 EVEN CLOSER THIRD

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